ESG Management

Dongmin Industrial Cooperative ESG Management Policy

We will supply eco-friendly products as a social enterprise, fulfill our corporate social responsibility, and create a sustainable resource circulation system.
Therefore, we will implement our own ESG management so that everyone can live together in a sustainable world.


We will become a leader in eco-friendly recycling and upcycling by providing high-quality recycled raw materials and encouraging users to purchase upcycled products.


We will fulfill our social responsibility by promoting stable employment for local residents and vulnerable people and recycling waste resources.


We will keep an anti-corruption and integrity culture through transparent management.

Responsibilities and Obligations to the Nation and Society

Dongmin Industrial Cooperative will strictly comply with national and international environmental laws and regulations, waste laws and regulations, and resource recycling laws and regulations.
We are responsible for improving production efficiency, creating employment, paying taxes faithfully, and contributing to society in order to contribute to national economic development.
We will take a leading role in the recycling of waste resources and lay the foundation for environmental protection not only within Dongmin Industrial Cooperative itself but also for our corporate customers.

Responsibilities and Obligations to Workers

Dongmin Industrial Cooperative will not give unfair work instructions and discriminate against workers, and will evaluate work and pay rewards for work in accordance with internal labor regulations.
We will actively encourage all company members to participate in decision-making and enhance work satisfaction by creating a horizontal corporate culture.
We value the lives and creativity of all workers and provide investment in their education and development.

Business Ethics of Employees

Employees of Dongmin Industrial Cooperative should not leak internal information obtained in the course of their work and use it for personal purposes.
Employees should respect individual political views and not impose them, but should not engage in political activities in the company.
Employees should not offer or receive money, gifts, or entertainment from suppliers, customers, or each other.