Environmental Management

Environmental Management Overview and Policy

Dongmin Industrial Cooperative has an environmental management policy to ensure that all workers work safely and create an eco-friendly workplace.

Strategic Directions

Greenhouse Gases, Emissions Reduction

As regulations to reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions are strengthened in Korea, a system for the mandatory use of renewable raw materials is being introduced for each company. Accordingly, Dongmin Industrial Cooperative will provide high-quality renewable raw materials to corporate customers not only in Korea but also in the global market to show the effect of reducing carbon emissions globally.

Enabling the circuitous economy

Dongmin Industrial Cooperative will reduce the waste of waste resources by activating the use of renewable raw materials, increasing the proportion of upcycled products, and developing a system to recover and recycle agricultural bale silage and PVC synthetic leather by 2030, instead of simply recycling them.

Preserving Local Ecosystems

We will decrease the percentage of rural waste incineration to prevent air pollution and fires, organize campaigns to promote various recycled and upcycled products, and assist in the recovery of environmentally polluted areas in Gyeongbuk Province.

  • 01

    Greenhouse Gases, Emissions Reduction

    - Mandatory Use of Renewable Materials
    - Spreading high-quality recycled materials

  • 02

    Enabling the circuitous economy

    - Increase the use of upcycling
    - Product recovery resource circulation system

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    Preserving Local Ecosystems

    - Prevent air pollution and fires
    - Assist in the recovery of environmental damage

Environmental Management System Certificate

Dongmin Industrial Cooperative obtained environmental management certification system certification in 2014 and will continuously maintain, manage and improve its eco-friendly management policy.