2013 ~ 2015

Foundation Years
  • Established company (Dongmin Industrial Cooperative)
  • Licensed for comprehensive waste recycling
  • Acquired ISO9001,14001 certification
  • Expanded 2nd line of 1st factory
  • Certified as a venture company
  • Constructed a new dormitory for the headquarters
  • Awarded a certificate from the Governor of Gyeongbuk Province

2016 ~ 2018

Construction period
  • Certified as a social enterprise by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • Awarded a certificate of commendation from the Small and Medium Business Association
  • Completed the construction of the 2nd factory (Yeongcheon City, Gyeongbuk)
  • Certified as an Innobiz
  • Developed ScreenChanger (high performance filtration device)
  • Completed factory in Indonesia
  • Awarded the Resource Recycling Certificate from the Minister of Environment

2019 ~ 2023

  • Designated as an Export Promising Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Selected as a technologically innovative Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Designated as an Export Promising Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Selected as a globally recognized company
  • Selected as a star company in Yeongcheon City
  • Awarded the Prime Minister's Award for Leading Resource Recycling by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety
  • Designated as an Outstanding Environmental Company by the Ministry of Environment
  • Selected as one of the 100 Promising Green New Deal Companies by the Ministry of Environment
  • Achieved excellence in social value measurement
  • Awarded the Environmental Research and Development Certificate by the Minister of Environment
  • Renewal of GRS certification